18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Monday, November 1, 2010

New WSS Project Unit

I've decided to take a bit of a rest from painting the good guy (i.e. French & their allies) so I've started a Danish infantry unit.  I'll be painting 1 battalion of the Prince Georg regiment.  What you'll see next are a few pics of how I'm progressing with the unit.  I've got the coat, facings, hair, and muskets painted along with some parts you can't see with these photos.  One thing I am struggling with is what the device on the grenadier's caps should be.  Sapherson doesn't really give me a good idea and these Robert Hall prints do not show a grenadier cap.  I purchased the battalion pack from Front Rank so the grenadiers are included.  From my readings it seems as though the Grenadier Corp was created early on in the 18th century and the infantry regiments eventually replaced the grenadiers they lost to that Corp.  Nonetheless I'm still trying to determine the cap info along with which flag is correct.  Sapherson describes a very different flag from what the Hall print shows.  I'm inclined to go with what Hall has as I've heard this information is very well researched.  I've posted my question for this on the League of Augsburg site and people who know a lot more than me are tracking things down so hopefully I'll know soon.

You'll notice in the background a unit of SYW Minden Austrian infantry I plan on painting next.  This particular unit I plan on selling and I'll post pictures of it once I have it ready - hopefully in late November or early December.  I never said I was a fast painter!

As always thank you for stopping by.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.