18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Monday, February 25, 2013

More on my 1806 Project

I've been working on some 28mm Prussian figures by Elite Miniatures and I wanted to share the finished product. I've painted up I.R. #1 to start off with. I've got some Grenadiers, Fusiliers, and Jagers primed and ready to go along with a lot of cavalry & artillery. I'm basing my units for "Republic to Empire" by Barry Hilton and for the most part each Prussian battalion will have 36 figures along with 4 shutzen while the cavalry will have 8 figures per squadron, 5 squadrons per regiment (not that I'll paint all 5 squadrons but I could if I wanted to) with a few exceptions for those regiments that had 10 squadrons.

The Elite Miniatures figures to paint up nicely and there are a few poses to choose from so you can add a bit a variety to your units. I have to say that I really like the Shutzen (skirmish) figures for each grouping. They paint up really well and have a nice feel for action in them. I've also tried reducing the amount of paints that I use now and by that I mean I'm using only 2 colors in most cases and not the typical triad that many use now. I still think that the figures will look good and it allows me to paint a little faster but there are some areas where I still use the 3 color system. For me that's a big improvement because I was able to turn out the 80 figures you see in the pictures in the last 3+ weeks which is a huge improvement over what I'm use to finishing. One other item to note is that the flags on the units are from Adolfo Ramos, which I reviewed earlier. I think they look really good and are well worth the cost (6.10 Euros plus shipping)

Anyway, enough of that and on to the pictures

I also wanted to share the work that I've started on a squadron of Prussian Dragoons. This will be DR #2 (von Prittwitz in 1806). I'm still playing around with the colors. I think I want a dark base color and then use the medium blue so I can get a bigger contrast. We'll see what I end up with but for now here's a photo of what I'm doing -

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New 28mm 1806 Prussian figure line startup

I've come across a new group that is attempting to start up a 28mm 1806 Prussian figure line. From what I can see the figures look really good and it will give people more options when choosing this period. Take a look at the article which I found on TMP. So now we've got Black Hussar Miniatures to cover the SYW Prussians and this group starting up to cover the 1806 Prussians - life is good!