18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Le Roi unit now ready and new command bases too

I finished up the 'new' unit I was working on and thought I'd post some pics of it before we game on the 16th.  The bases are finished up, name plate is on the back, flags & finials are done so it is ready to go.

Next, I've been working on making some command bases.  My idea is to have a 3 figured base for each player to represent themselves on the table.  Each command base will have it's own colored flag with whatever devices are appropriate for that nation or side in the game to have.  I'm working on the French first and I've got a couple done.  But what I want to do after I've made up enough of these is to have our brigade command bases done up in a similar but smaller setting.  On those I would put just 2 figures, a mounted commander and either mounted standard bearer or foot.  Either would work for infantry and cavalry or I could have the two mounted be for cav only.  The flag with the brigade command base will match the color of the larger command base but obviously the brigade flag will be smaller to better match up with the smaller base.  I thought it would be an interesting way to show the brigade commanders under their overall general and of course there are more flags on the tabletop which is always nice.  So without any further jabbering on my side - here are the pics so far.

I cannot take credit for painting the kettledrummers on either base.  The first one you see was done by Big Battalions (Thailand) and the second was done via the painting service available through Ioannis in Spain.  Both are beautifully done and I hope some day to be able to paint that well.  The flags were all done by The Flag Dude.  I created the images, just a blank field and I put the fleur-de-lis on it, and then he then made up the flag in the color I wanted.  I've got the brigade flags for the white and blue but I've still yet to paint up the figures for them.

As always comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank you for stopping by and looking.


  1. Splendid, sir. And I like your ideas for the Player stands, Brigadiers, etc. I think that I would go with two mounted for mounted brigades and one mounted with foot standard for the infantry brigadiers . . . but I'm sure that whatever you do will look wonderful.

    -- Jeff