18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Units for SALE!

I am selling three 24 figure WSS units.  They are all Germans in French service so they are in blue coats and all with yellow facings.  The figures are all Foundry and I am asking $5 per figure which I think is a very fair price so each unit will cost $120 + shipping costs (sorry but I cannot absord that).  I'm willing to ship anywhere but obviously you've got to be willing to pay my price + shipping.  You can contact me at: 18th_century_guy@comcast.net if you are interested.  Below are some pictures -

Thank you for looking and I may put more if my WSS collection up for sale in the next few months so keep checking back.

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  1. the quality of these guys is very high really nice figures