18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things I've done in December

I wanted to show you what I was working on for the month of December and the first week of January. I helped a friend by painting up some additional figures for a couple of SYW units I had painted for him. Then I painted up some 1/72nd plastic figures for him for the same period - SYW. He's basing everything for 'Might & Reason' but, at least for the 28mm stuff he'll be using a 60mm x 60mm base using 18 to 20 figures. I like the look of that as it gives more weight to the unit.

Along the back row you'll see the two units of mine I was working on. The unit on the right is I.R.1 in 1806 using Elite Miniatures figures. I'm waiting for the flags to arrive in the mail. I thought I'd give Adolfo Ramos a try with his flags. I selected the 30mm complete option to see how his best is and compare that to GMB, The Flag Dude, and Maverick Models. I'll take pics once they arrive. The unit on the left is I.R.33 for the SYW using Front Rank figures and GMB flags. I've mounted them up on the 60mm square base for Might & Reason. That's it for now. Next on the painting table will be a Minden unit of Austrians for Might & Reason and then back to my 1806 project with another Prussian infantry unit mounted up for 'Republic to Empire' and I've been looking at those new SYW figures from Black Hussar Miniatures. I'm thinking of ordering enough figures for a unit just to see if they look as good in person as they do in the pictures.

and on to the pics....


  1. Very nice looking minis, I do like the grenadiers!

  2. I like your 1806 armies. There are not many of us in the 1806 Club. :)

    Why are the bases so deep though? Looks like enough room for another rank or two. Also, how big are your 1806 battalions?

    1. Jim,

      You are correct, there are not many of us in the 1806 club and I wish we could fix that! I'm mounting my units up for R2E (Republic to Empire) and although the rules say you can have less depth than I do Barry Hilton says that he goes with a 60mm deep base just to protect the figures and you can put fiddly bits on the bases as well if you want. Since deep doesn't really matter because it is so far out of scale anyway I say go with what looks good.
      R2E has a 1:20 ratio and I'm making most of my Prussian foot at 36 figures plus the shuetzen figures. The cav will be similar in size because so many of them were close to 800 men for the campaign. This has been something I've been wanting to do for years and never got around to it so I've decided to just go for it.

  3. Ah, thank you for the explanation In many respects the 1806 Prussian/Saxon armies are more spectacular than their SYW counterparts.