18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Monday, September 20, 2010

New unit almost ready

I thought I'd try some pics of a unit that I'm just about done with.  I need to add the flags, add the unit name label to the back of each base, and then put the clear glossy coat over them and they should be ready to go!  You'll notice my messy painting table and paints in the background.  Sorry about that but I thought I'd show them at this point before I get them on the table.  I've got some cavalry to paint up so I think I'll try my hand at showing the different stages I go through when I paint up my horses.

This is the du Roi (sometimes I've seen it called Le Roi)

I'm trying to get a decent pic of the drummer.

I like to have at least 2 drummers per unit on either end.  If I can have them stand a bit apart from the unit then that is even better.

The King's Regiment of the line ready for action.  Well, one can hope.

That's it for now.  As you can tell I'm still getting use to the camera so I apologize for the poor quality.  As always, thank you for looking and comment, tips and suggestions are welcome.


  1. And what handsome lads they are....

  2. Quite impressive painting, I must say . . . far superior to my own. They should perform very well on the table top, sir.

    -- Jeff