18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pics from the Chicago Old Toy Soldier show

I attended OTSN from Sept 24th - Sept 26th.  It is a great show for the 'larger' sized figures - 54mm and up.  I really enjoy those sized figures along with the sculpting and painting detail.  The Russian figures will leave you speechless.  By far they are the best in the world at producing collectible figures.  I wouldn't recommend gaming with them but hey, each to their own.  If you want to chance damaging a $500 one-of-a-kind figure then go for it.  I'll upload a lot of the pictures I've taken over the next week or so.  I don't want to over load one post.  One thing that is very interesting with this show is that the first few days are generally not announced or open to the public.  The 'dealers' each have a room in the hotel and primarily they are on the 4th & 5th floors.  During the day dealers or whoever is selling items will hang a small sign off the room number plate.  They then leave the door open and you just go in and browse to your hearts content.  The big day is Sunday and everyone moves down to the big hall on the mail floor so the general public can look & buy.

So without any further comments -

A beautiful elephant - this is the quality of the Russians!

The Duke of Wellington

The Duke's BFF

Watch out for Geeks bearing...hey...they lost half their ship!

These next two pics are from a company that makes terrain.  What you are seeing here is Devil's den and Thermopylae.

Some people bring different militaria

the next two pics are of Rourke's Drift but what I want you to see from these poor photos is not only the detail of the figures but the detail of the 'extras'.  Also, see if you can figure out what the grass is made of.  It is suppose to be a secret of one company's.

Here's another close up of the grass -

That's enough for now.  I've got a lot more which I'll be presenting over the next week or so.

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