18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1806 Prussian Hussars

Given that I've have some spare time on my hands I decided to keep going with the painting of Prussian cavalry. This time I painted up HR#1 - Gettkandt, which saw quite a bit of action in 1806. I've still got a couple of touchups to do but the other 98% of painting is done.

Not sure which unit I should do next. I've Bosniaken/Towarczys primed up along with 8 to 10 Cuiriassier squadrons and to top that off I've got the 2nd regiment of infantry primed so I can work on my completing my first infantry brigade. Oh, I almost forgot about some artillerists as well. :) I've got a lot to choose from so I'm sure I'll stay busy inbetween the job searching.

As always, thanks for stopping by and all comments are welcome.


  1. Very nice. Are these Elite figures?

  2. Lovely, I think I moght be going in an 1806 direction next...

  3. Grimsby,

    Yes, these are Elite Miniatures.


    Right now Elite and Floundry are the only manufacturers that make 1806 Prussians but a new company is starting up - FG Minz - and they currently have a project going on Indiegogo to help fund their figure line. I would highly recommend that you join the funding to help them because the figures they've shown us so far are the best out there - bar none.