18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Selling my WSS collection

I am selling off my WSS collection of mainly Front Rank WSS figures. I have 19 French infantry at 24 figures each and 23 French cavalry at 12 figures each. I also have a Danish foot, British foot and horse, Dutch foot, and Bavarian foot and horse, all at the same mounting level. I also have 2 C-in-C bases plus 6 Brigadiers in blue coats. I'm not supplying photos of every unit, that would be too much but I am showing you a few of each and if you want to see a specific unit then I can supply that to you. Most all of the horse was done using oils so the colors are quite rich & deep.

Almost all of my units have oversized cloth flags from The Flag Dude and they look amazing. A couple units have GMB flags and a couple have paper I did up from Warflags.

Most all figures will cost $8USD apiece and a cavalry figure is made up of 2, the rider and the horse (the Garde costs more). I'm also charging for the flags as they cost $12USD apiece. So a typical foot unit with 4 cloth flags will cost $240.USD. I cannot offer 'volume discounts' as I did not paint these in volume. Shipping costs, if any, will depend on the number of units purchased.

You may leave me a comment or send an email to 18th_century_guy AT Comcast DOT net 18th_century_guy@comcast.net

Below is a listing of the regiments. A (c) means cloth flag from The Flag Dude, (GMB) means from GMB, and (p) means paper from WarFlag.

French Infantry

Tourville (p), Royal Italien (c ), Lorraine (c ), Cologne Ft. Gd (c ), Picardie (2 units of 24 – c),La Reine (2 units of 24 – 1 GMB, 1 c), Sourches (p), Pfyffer (c ), La Marine (2 units of 24 – 1 p, 1 c), Peri Corse (c ), Bouffler (c ), Garde Francaise (c ), Bourbon (c ), Orleans (gmb), Le Roi (c ), Sceve (c ), Kurprinz (Bavarian – no flags)

Danes Prince George (c )

Brits Churchill's "The Buffs" (hand painted, as seen on the Front Rank web site)

Dutch Pallandt – (Dixon figures, paper flag)


1st & 2nd Mousquetairs de la Garde (c ) Gendarmes de la Garde (c ), Chevau-Legers de la Garde (c ), Nugent (c ), Duc de Sully (GMB), La Reine (c ), Lorraine (p), Colonel General (c ), Cosse-Brissac (c ), La Ferronnays (c ), Villeroi (c ), Masionthieurs (c ), Ligondez (c ), du Maine (c ), La Baume (c ), Rouvray (c ), Anlezy (c ), Le Roi (GMB), Royal des Carabiniers (two 12 figure 'brigades, c ), Cuirassiers du Roi (c )

Bavarian Weickel Cuirassier (c )

British Guard Horse (c )


  1. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!