18th Century combat

18th Century combat

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More 1806 Prussians and WSS Bavarians

I've kept myself busy in between looking for a new job by continuing with my 1806 Prussian project. I'm working on the second line regiment in a brigade. My overall plan (really hope) is to paint up an 1806 Prussian division and then I could match it against a division from one of the Corps from the French. I know I'd need to have a few 'extras' on both sides to make it an interesting game but I think it would be fun. My plan is to use 'Republic to Empire' as the rule set to game with and I think it offers some really interesting possiblities for a close, tight game. Anyway on to the photos of the Prussians. This is the first battalion of I.R. 33 and the fantastic flags are those made by Adolfo Ramos.

Next are the WSS (War of Spanish Succession) Bavarians. I've had them sitting around for quite a while all primed and ready to go but I just felt that I didn't know what colors to use to get the sky blue (or whatever you want to call it) for the Bavarians. After painting up the 1806 Saxon Hussars I felt I'd finally found the right colors to use. I've not fully finished the unit as I'm waiting for flags. Adolfo doesn't make WSS flags for the Bavarians so I'll probably turn to The Flag Dude. Unfortunately since I'm unemployed I'll have to wait a few weeks for some additional funds to become available before I can order them. I'll order them using the 'cloth' paper he has which I think give the flags a really nice realistic look. So since the flags are not on the unit yet I've not mounted the standard bearers nor done the finishing work on the bases but at least you'll get a look at my interpretation of WSS Bavarians.

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  1. Very nice! The example of the Bavarian uniform on display at the Bleinheim museum in Hochstadt is closer to a lighter sky blue. But I would not change a thing on yours as the color you selected looks good on itis own. Hope you find employment soon! Can't keep such a great painter down for too long!

  2. Some very nicely painted Prussians are they not Elite Miniatures?